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Post-natal cure: find the line

A slight weight gain during pregnancy (apart from the weight of the baby with the amniotic fluid, etc.) is normal. But alas, these "extra" pounds do not necessarily leave once the baby is born: many women keep a few pounds even after birth.

Here too, the post-natal cure can be a solution. In fact, to the spa treatments already mentioned can be added a nutritional monitoring including a consultation with a dietician, a full dietary pension (with a daily intake of 1, 200 to 1, 800 kcal) and dietary advice. Of course, the post-natal cure in thalassotherapy center does not promise to lose all the extra pounds in 6 days; its goal is to initiate weight loss and adopt good eating habits over the long term.

With or without a baby?

It's up to you. Be aware however that in the majority of thalassotherapy centers offering a post-natal cure, everything is done to accommodate baby and facilitate the stay of the young mother: childcare, room equipped with childcare equipment ...

Some centers offer care with baby and massage sessions during which the mother will learn to massage her child to soothe. This care is an opportunity for the baby to become familiar with the aquatic element; it is also a privileged moment between the mother and her child.

To see: our video on the thalassotherapy slimming cure

The silhouette cure offers to lose weight and to reshape the body while adopting new eating habits. Losing weight in thalassotherapy, is it possible? The answer in video ...

Thanks to the Carnac Thalassotherapy Center

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