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Water aerobics class: For whom?

This is the good news: man or woman, young or old, as sport fitness or reeducation ... in principle, water aerobics classes are for everyone! In addition, there are different courses targeted, with exercises adapted to the objective and the state of health of the participants.

Pregnant women :

In addition to its calming properties, the aquatic activity helps improve breathing, which will help during childbirth.

There are specific water aerobics classes for pregnant women, where the exercises are mainly focused on the work of the perineum and the back.

In addition, the feeling of lightness experienced in the water allows pregnant women who are not used to this excess weight, relax and rest the lumbar region, very stressed.

Caution: Before starting any physical activity during pregnancy, seek the advice of your doctor.

After delivery, fitness classes in the water can also be very useful to reclaim his body gently. There are also classes for moms with their baby to become familiar with the aquatic environment.
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Re-education :

Water aerobics, or generally movements in the water, are widely used in rehabilitation, as well as to facilitate the mobility and flexibility of people with disabilities or overweight.
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The chlorine content in swimming pools can sometimes cause irritation of the eyes or skin, allergies, or temporary discomfort in the sinuses. If you suffer from a chlorine allergy, water aerobics is therefore rather inadvisable (unless practicing in a pool without chlorine).

Aquagym is also not recommended in cases of respiratory failure and motor and blood disorders.

If in doubt, consult your doctor before embarking on a water aerobics class.

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