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Couple in crisis: the solutions

Do a couple therapy ! Consulting a professional of the couple can be beneficial, and help you find the solution.

The marriage counselor will mediate between your partner and you. He will give you advice and listen to the couple's problems without judging. Because it is important to speak with a neutral person in order to express oneself freely without taboo. It is important to choose your marriage counselor. To find a competent contact the ANCCEF (National Association of Conjugal and Family Counselors). Do not forget to check his diploma (certificate of aptitude to the marriage and family council).

Sometimes, some couples need a break in order to find each other. A break (be it a week or several months) consists of not seeing each other or talking on the phone for hours without dropping the other. A break that is decided together. However, avoid repeating breaks that hide a difficulty of breaking definitively.

You will be able to measure how much you miss your lover or if you are no longer willing to live together.

Communicate . Only the dialogue will defuse the situation and relax the atmosphere. Show your willingness to change to make efforts, and the motivation to stay together. Explain your expectations and listen to your partner.

Sometimes separation is the only way out for a couple. Too much break repeatedly, no agreement despite great efforts can lead a couple to separate. You simply do not have the same interests or have nothing to say to you. The best solution is separation.

Nobody is perfect. After years of life together between you and your jules, you know his qualities and especially his faults! So stop blaming him or looking for the ideal man in him. Remember that you liked it for what it was.

How to overcome infidelity?

Like any crisis, unfaithfulness can help to improve the relationship between you and your partner and make you aware of its importance. Many trot in your head, "should I leave him, or stay?"

Try to understand the cause of this infidelity. Were you there, one for the other at the critical moment? Do not throw all guilt on him without questioning yourself. Some couples who have gone through infidelity come out stronger than ever.

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