Horny foot: Precautions

Do not attempt to remove the horn yourself, as this may aggravate the problem. Nevertheless, some precautionary measures can be taken at home, while waiting to consult a chiropodist.

To begin, we must identify the shoe responsible for friction and no longer put it in order not to promote the evolution of the horn. Then the horn must be protected and hydrated.
Specific dressings can be put during the day. They allow to isolate the area of ​​the horn and thus limit friction.

In the evening, the cor to the foot must be hydrated with creams. The more the dead skin is hydrated, the more it will be softened, the less pain will be felt.

Beware of creams based on salicylic acid because their corrosive action degrades the horn certainly, but also the surrounding area, so this is not the solution. It should be understood that all these precautions slightly reduce the pain, but do not treat the horn to the foot.


To treat a cor to the foot, it is necessary to consult a pedicure-chiropodist, in order to set up a suitable treatment. From the onset of the slightest pain, do not hesitate to consult a pedicurist-chiropodist, because the sooner the treatment will be put in place, the better it will be because the horn will not have time to develop.

The chiropodist will remove this "cone" of dead skin with a gouge, curved and cutting instrument. He will go and get the dead skin deep down.

After this intervention, we must continue to protect and hydrate the area and of course not to put back the shoes that were at the origin of the formation of the horn.

The pedicurist-chiropodist is also there to give the patient advice on hydration, protection, correction and footwear.

When a cor on foot is due to a posture problem, the chiropodist can propose orthopedic insoles, made to measure after a complete chiropody check-up. This correction treatment will aim to address the origin of the problem.

In case of recalcitrant cor, an orthoplasty treatment can be considered. This is a silicone device that the podiatrist will mold on the toe to protect the area by isolating it.

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