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Contraception: when to choose to put an IUD? : Sources and notes

- The Great Book of Gynecology, French National College of Gynecologists Obstetricians, Eyrolles, 2013.

- Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports, INPES: "The best contraception is the one we choose"

- Strategies of choice of contraceptive methods in the woman of the HAS. Prescribe No. 235, January 2003.

- choisirsacontraception.fr and a toll-free number: 0 800 235 236 will answer all questions related to contraception and sexuality.

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The abortion pill: sources and notes - What There Is To Know
What There Is To Know

The abortion pill: sources and notes

- Interruption of pregnancy, Guidebook, Directorate General of Health, Ministry of Health and Solidarities, 2005. - Gentile Catherine, The right to choose. IVG in France and in the world, Syros, 2008. - Ameli.fr: Health Insurance Online. - IVG.GOUV.FR: the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Health and Women's Rights
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