Tips for a flat stomach: the testimony of Amelie

Testimony of Amélie, 32, who went from 72 to 60 cm of waist. She explains how she managed to find a flat stomach.

When did you notice that your belly was turning a little?

In fact, without having any problem of weight, I always found my body a little flaccid. I have probably "dried up" the gym classes in high school! But after my pregnancy, I found myself without waist, with cellulite on the stomach, the horror!

How did you react ?

Thanks to my physiotherapist who made me a personalized program, I was able to remuster all the abdominal strap and dig my waist by working the obliques (the muscles on the side). The goal: to have a tonic belly.

For the orange peel, I found that it was even more visible after I got muscular. I made 10 sessions of Cellu M6 to start the destocking process and since then I have been massaging myself every day with a slimming cream and a kind of pimpled brush just after doing my 2 to 3 daily abdo series. And it works !

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Our coach offers exercises that work the abdominal muscles to have a flat stomach and tonic.

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