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Self-confidence: Treatments

If your suffering is too strong, it is necessary to get help from a specialist to set up a treatment. You can take a behavioral and cognitive therapy for six months to a year with a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. The goal is to proceed in stages, to gradually change your behavior and to assert yourself.

With this in mind, some simple exercises can give you a little boost. For example, to learn to express yourself more easily to others, "practice" first in front of an audience already conquered: with your friends or family. It will then be easier for you to speak to your office colleagues or a larger meeting.

In parallel, medications may possibly be prescribed: anxiolytics to fight against anxiety, or a very low beta-blocker, or antidepressants if your lack of confidence has a depressive dimension. These last treatments are to be followed on average during a few months, always in association with a behavioral and cognitive therapy. If you are more gentle medicine, why not take the advice of a homeopath, in addition to the psychological support?

Indeed, it is also important to be more physically comfortable, because the body echoes the signs of lack of self-confidence (tremors, flushing, stuttering ...). Relaxation, for example, will help you relax and control your emotions more easily. Or if you're active, get organized to practice a sport regularly.

By combining work with the mind and body, you will be able to feel more fulfilled and have more perspective and serenity in your relationship with others.

Certainly, self-confidence can fluctuate depending on the context, being, for example, undermined in case of breakup or during a period of professional difficulty. But being aware of your possibilities, better control your doubts, will allow you to be stronger in the face of hardships.

So for these treatments to regain self-confidence become effective, here are some tips:

  • If you really lack confidence, do not wait until the situation becomes insurmountable to react.
  • If you have chosen to help you, do not hesitate to do the exercises prescribed by your therapist. He may ask you to practice in front of a mirror, for example, if you have trouble speaking in public. Do it, even if you feel ridiculous at first!
  • Do not hesitate to talk about it around you. Your family may not have known that you were suffering so much, and showing them that you are taking things in hand can also help you regain some of the hair.
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