A good haircut is not everything: you must know how to get in shape. And it is well known: we always want what we do not have: the lucky ones with a beautiful curly mane dream of ultra smooth and shiny hair that seem so easy to master. While people with straight hair want only one thing: a generous hair of a lioness.

Certainly, we can not go against nature, but various techniques and styling products adapted to transform his hair to a certain extent. Permanent, curling iron, smoothing plate or brushing ... Here are some techniques and products that will allow you to control your hair and wish to play a trick to nature - at least temporarily. Because let's be clear: a curly hair will always be a curly hair. But it does not matter: we all want - and the right - to change heads from time to time. So let's go !

Curling hair

The permanent

In recent years, the technique of the perm has made a lot of progress; they make it possible to obtain customized loops according to the desired effect and the nature of the hair. However, the products used for the remaining permanent chemicals that alter the hair shaft, the hair is weakened. Care is essential, and limit yourself to 3 permanent per year.
As for the root peel, lighter, it brings volume to fine hair, while avoiding the curly side of the classic perm.

Curling irons

If you want curls for an evening, the curling iron is the ideal solution.
Take a thin wick, open the iron, wrap the hair on the round part starting from the tip, while continuing the winding drag the iron towards the root. Once the wick is completely wound on the round branch of the iron, close the iron. Leave a little but not too much, because it can damage the hair. The closer the winding will be, the more your buckle will be.

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