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Acne scars: the causes

The causes of acne scars are usually the same for everyone.

An acne scar is caused by a skin lesion caused by a pimple or several acne pimples, the body will then use connective tissue to repair this damage.

At first, just after the skin lesion, the immune system acts to repair the injury caused by acne, then healing will occur. The faster the acne will heal and the faster the healing will be able to be done.

Bad care of pimples

Scars can also appear if one does not take care of one's skin after or in the presence of pimples. Fiddling with pimples may also promote the appearance of acne scars, if you are prone to acne breakouts and have trouble resisting, tell yourself that this is the best way to avoid them, it can help .. .

The sun

The sun is also the element to proscribe as much as possible because it will accentuate the appearance of scars.

During the healing phase of the skin, the sun's rays can cause differences in pigmentation. Reddish spots (or brownish depending on the phototype) could mark the face for months before fading partially.

The tobacco

Tobacco is also not conducive to skin health and good healing. One more reason to stop smoking!

Acne: did you know?

A very large number of teenagers, and even some adults, have to deal with acne at some point ... What do you know about this so common skin disorder? Take our test to find out!

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? Appointment in our FORUMS Skin Care or A doctor answers you!

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