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Hair loss: the causes

If hair loss persists (more than 6 weeks), or if abnormal hair loss has been observed for a few months, the cause should be investigated.

Depending on certain characteristics of the hair loss (localization, possible associated signs, age, circumstance of the hair loss ...), a diagnosis can be advanced.

Can be the cause of a hair loss factors "outside" as:

  • a lack of food (lack of iron, protein, zinc ...),
  • significant stress,
  • a state of generalized fatigue,
  • emotional trauma ...

Some diseases can also cause abnormal hair loss:

  • hormonal disorders such as those of thyroid dysfunction,
  • a lupus disease,
  • a local mycotic infection ...

In all cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor who will possibly carry out additional examinations.

We can first check that we do not take any medicine that could lead to hair loss. It is known that some heavy treatments such as chemotherapy can quickly cause hair loss. In the vast majority of cases, the hair pushes back to the end of the treatment, sometimes more thick, curly.

Causes of hair loss in men

Most of the time, hair loss - which can begin as early as 20 years - is due to androgenetic alopecia. It is an individual "excess of sensitivity" to male hormones, androgens. This phenomenon is often linked to hereditary factors.

Causes of hair loss in women

The causes of a hair loss in women can be diverse, but it also happens that the origin is as in men, linked to an androgenetic disorder. From the menopause, hair follicles become more sensitive to androgens (male sex hormones that women also secrete in small amounts).

Estrogen (female sex hormones) present in large quantities in women, play an important role in counteracting the effects of androgens. At menopause, the estrogen concentration decreases. Women predisposed to hair loss may have more sparse hair.

Also note that after a delivery, hair loss is normal; it is due to the sudden fall of pregnancy hormones.

An abnormal hair loss in a woman therefore requires consultation. After a general clinical examination, and of course hair, additional examinations can be done, especially to know the exact origin of a possible hormonal disorder.

Also do our test on hair loss and assess your personal risk of suffering from hair loss! You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? See you in our FORUMS Hair Loss, Hair Care or A doctor answers you!

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