Dental caries: the teeth of milk

Children are very prone to cavities, baby teeth are the first teeth to appear.

The milk teeth are important, first they allow to eat like the big ones and then they make the way to the definitive teeth.

They are beautiful, white, like porcelain, they are fragile, take care of them.

Little children eat a lot (too much) of sweet products and especially baby bottles with sweet drinks, sweets, cakes .... They like that.

Some have their bottle (sweet drink) in the mouth all day, others sleep with. What happiness for the bacteria of dental plaque!

It is us adults who are responsible for their caries.

So without completely eliminating the sugar from their diet, be reasonable: no bottles of sugary drinks at all times, and especially not at night while going to bed. No candy when going to bed.

Bottles are given at mealtimes; on the other hand, between meals, it makes sense to give them only water if they are thirsty.

It is a habit to give them at an early age; in addition, apart from caries prevention, it is the right way to feed them well.

We must give the little children the habit of brushing their teeth every day from the age of 2 or even before: they must learn to do it well. Give the example.

There are commercially available toothbrushes, toothpastes suitable for children.

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