Liver cancer: the causes

Liver cancer is a disease of the liver cells. More common in men than in women, it occurs more often after 50 years. There are two types of cancers that have different causes:

Primary cancer of the liver

It is a tumor that develops from liver cells, liver cells. Rarely rare, it results, in most cases, complications of cirrhosis, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, often due respectively to excessive consumption of alcohol, or infection with a virus ...

The initial causes are therefore alcohol, a viral infection.

Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common form of primary cancer, it develops in the liver, and progressively damages healthy liver cells.

Metastatic (or secondary) cancer

Cancer first strikes another organ (cancer of the colon, breast cancer, stomach cancer ...), and spreads in the liver. Indeed, cancer cells will migrate into the blood, settle in the liver, and create metastases (a proliferation of cancer cells).

More than a third of all cancers metastasize to the liver, which is why metastatic cancer represents the majority of liver cancers today.

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