Cesarean section: the advice of the gynecologist

Interview with Dr. Jean Thévenot, gynecologist-obstetrician who delivers his advice ...

Does Caesarean section really change the first contact with the baby?

When caesarean section is performed under general anesthesia, of course! The mother is unconscious during her delivery and when she wakes up, usually with abdominal pain, she finds her baby, near her fully dressed. It is certainly very frustrating.

Now, as long as it is possible, cesarean section is performed under locoregional anesthesia and that changes everything. The mother is conscious. The doctor speaks to him, the time of the intervention. She can follow the various stages of the birth of her child. She really attends birth. Moreover, as long as it is possible, the father can be at his side. I simply ask fathers to remain calm, to dress with a blouse and sterile slippers, to limit nosocomial infectious risks. That's all.

Can Caesarean Birth Breastfeeding Your Baby?

Yes. It does not change anything. The baby can be put in the breast, right from the work room. Things have changed a lot with anesthesia techniques. In the past, it was not recommended, but today it's different. That said, the pain or discomfort to move, will somewhat handicap the mother, at the time of breastfeeding. It simply needs to be helped by the father or the medical staff. The beginnings can be a little delayed or a little more difficult than after a natural birth. Mom will just need support.

Some women are asking for a cesarean section. Why ?

It is true that it is more and more frequent. Word of mouth works well. In the past, women told each other terrible stories about cesareans. Today, mothers give birth under local anesthesia, they live perfectly the birth of their child, the father is present and the scar is almost invisible. So, it is true that more and more women are asking to give birth by caesarean section. Some women dread vaginal deliveries phobically.

You know, medical births are certainly very reassuring for young mothers. But it must be remembered that despite very rare and very particular cases, when the anxiety is really too invasive, the caesarean section should not be decided for reasons of comfort but for medical reasons. Even if the technique is perfectly controlled at present, there is always a risk operative or postoperative.

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