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Maternal burnout: the testimonials of moms who crack

We talk about " maternal burnout ", when a mother can not take it anymore! When she is exhausted, going so far as not to support her or his own children, with the feeling of being a bad mother ... even hating herself.

There is often talk of burnout - "burnout" in the workplace, while "maternal burnout" is still relatively unknown in France. And yet, more and more women are suffering from this maternal depletion.

A great physical and psychological fatigue, facing the expectations of others - but especially their own demands for themselves, and the feeling of being a bad mother ....

How did I get there? How can I fix it?

These mothers do not understand why they can not feel the "normal" maternal feeling that should bind them to their child. Whether the child has been desired or not, and even if the "perfect" mother does not exist, she may feel more or less close to her children, and not live well ...

Jealousy of the relationship with the father, behavior of the child, new rhythm of life, awakenings during the night ... many are the factors which can push a mother to the maternal burnout.

However, there are solutions. The help of a psychologist can often be very useful, because it is rare that a mother in full burnout finds herself the solution to her problem.

Discover the poignant testimonies of Zohra, Jeanne, Claire and Nathalie who tell about their suffering and the solutions they implemented to get out of their maternal burnout.

Read also the advice of a psychologist, Violaine Gueritault, doctor of psychology and author of the book "emotional fatigue and physical mothers: maternal burnout" (Editions Odile Jacob).

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Interview by Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy.

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