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Maternal burnout: Nathalie's testimony

Nathalie, 38 years old: mother of 3 children from 7 to 14 years old. She talks about her relationship with a psychiatrist about her maternal burnout ...

You see a shrink for your maternal burnout?

Yes, it is the 3rd that I see, but this time, I am followed in hospital. The first two I saw did not understand the extent of the disaster. The first one even explained to me that I had to stop whining, that I was neither the first nor the last to have had children. She had the nerve to tell me that I should have thought about it before having them, because if we are not able to handle children, we should not do, "a point that's all." It looked like a concentrate of my mother and my mother-in-law.

After a few months, I realized that it was useless to see her, so I took another shrink. This second almost drove me to suicide by supporting me that my children were a little tall so that I suffer from "baby-blues", which I already knew.

What did you do then?

Finally, it was my sister who helped me. One day she saw me screaming after my children for a glass (plastic) of water falling accidentally on the kitchen floor ... Three times nothing. She was very shocked and explained to me that my reaction was disproportionate. Because in addition, I was good with others. Everyone thought I was an exceptional mom, very attentive. In fact, I was just the opposite.

The varnish cracked when my sister told me that I needed to step back. I told him that I had seen psys, but that the problem most likely came from me and from my self-control, since even the pros said it. She helped me to go to a psychiatric consultation at the hospital. Actually, it was a consultation of post-natal depression, which was absolutely not my case. There, I was helped to contact other moms and I finally made an appointment with a psychiatrist at the hospital who dressed my mother's ego bruised that I thought unworthy and undeserving.

If you had to remember something?

First, I would see the burn out from afar, I would never wait so long to realize that something is wrong. I think we have to know the difference between a temporary tired when our children "pump" the air, and this burn out, when it becomes incessant. Except that we are so bogged down in a sort of moving sand and we can not be sufficiently objective.

Now, I have become very vigilant and I would like to say to the moms who pass by that this is not inevitable, that it is absolutely necessary that they do not disgrace themselves, that they have to arrange time for they, and do not forget that they are adults. The more we are fulfilled, the more we are available moms.

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