Burns: treatments

Burn treatments depend on their extent, location, size (depth), and age of the victim. In case of burns, it is necessary to appreciate quickly its gravity.

In front of a person with a burn, you have to stay calm, reassure her. If the lesion is deep, extended, if it is located at the level of the face, neck, thorax, hands, perineum (anus, genitals), call EUS (15) or 18 because the burn is considered serious.

A doctor on the phone will ask a minimum of questions to know: the location of the burn, its extent, its depth, the age of the victim and possibly his medical history, he will advise the first things to do while waiting for help.

Do not induce vomiting if the person has ingested a caustic substance or give him a drink.
It should be placed in a half-sitting position if the airways are burned.

Burns are a medical emergency when they are serious. They can be taken care of in the services of the "burn victims" with a specific care that requires a great experience of the care team.

If the burn is not very important, gently cool water (not ice) on the burn for a few minutes, this will reduce the pain and cool the lesion. And possibly consult.

Cream - Dry skin - Superficial burns
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