Cold sore: the symptoms

The classic symptom of the cold sore is ... the cold sore! It is in the form of a small vesicle. It sits most often on the outer edge of the lip. It is most often unique but can be multiple.

One or more small vesicles appear on the edge of the lip. Around or cold sores, there is usually a small redness.

Before these vesicles occur, some warning symptoms (or annunciators) may occur:

  • A feeling of discomfort, burning or tingling of the lip.
  • Sometimes a little fever or a headache.

These vesicles appear most often in a context of physical or mental stress.

These symptoms usually persist for about ten days, and the pimple (s) heal in the form of small crusts.

If the pain is severe or if the lesions tend to spread to certain parts of the face, such as the eyes, you must promptly consult a general practitioner or ophthalmologist.

The herpes virus responsible for the cold sore is very contagious. A risk of transmission of the virus can occur from the first warning symptoms ... And as long as skin lesions persist, the patient remains contagious.

In pictures: What disease is behind my pimples on the skin?

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