Winter Blues: The testimony of a patient

Interview with Mina, 34, who gives us her testimony on her winter blues ...

How do you know that you suffer from winter blues?
I notice every day of the year that my mood is more or less influenced by the weather and sunshine. The lower the sky and the gray, the less enterprising I feel. It is especially the lack of brightness, more than the lack of heat, which disturbs me. A cold but sunny weather can enchant me while a leaden sky, even under a mild temperature will make me want to stay under the comforter.
What despairs me is the arrival of autumn, the first frost, the falling leaves, the feeling of entering a long endless tunnel where will endless countless gray and gray days. To get up without sun, to leave the subway while it is still dark, to leave my work while the sun is already lying, to turn on the lights at 4 pm, I do not understand how it can be found bearable. I have the impression that my body and my mind are totally unfit to endure such conditions, I do not know how do the Nordics live with 3 hours of light a day in winter!

How is your winter blues manifested?
This is felt on my mood, I grind more easily black, I'm more irritable, more sensitive too, the dark ideas come to me more, I cry more easily, I have a lot of trouble to be positive, I feel to run after the clock because I know that once the night comes I feel totally emptied of my energy. Yet I love the night, but not that night, not that night that falls from 16h and persists until 9am, that night I hate it.

So, are you hibernating?
I never go on vacation in winter, I know that I will not benefit, or so I have to change hemisphere. I watch the minutes of sunlight lost when I watch the weather and I feel that it is minutes of life that I am confiscated. As soon as the trend reverses and we regain minutes of sunshine, I start to regain the hair of the beast, but it is rare that I feel out of business before the transition to summer time !

What are you doing to fix it?
Not much, I try to put colors in my apartment to compensate for the gray environment, I take vitamins, I fight against my permanent desire to hibernate until spring forcing me out at night. Since I'm a mom, I'm listening less, and I find that a night that falls early can be a benefit to help your child sleep. Finding a positive side to an early night, I would never have thought able before! I thought of light therapy, but I have not tried yet, I have doubts about the effectiveness of artificial light, what I need is the light of day, the real!

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