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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Anesthesia, resuscitation, analgesics
Active Ingredients: Potassium Chloride (E508), Sodium Chloride, Glucose
laboratory: Fresenius Kabi France

Injection solution for IV infusion
Box of 10 Pockets (PSP / SEB) overwrapped in 1000 ml
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- Carbohydrate caloric intake.
- Hydro-electrolytic equilibration.
- Dehydration whatever the cause.

Dosage BIONOLYTE G10 IV Solution for IV Infusion Pack of 10 Pockets (PSP / SEB) overwrapped in 1000 ml

The usual dosage should be adapted to the patient's needs according to the clinical condition, the weight and the results of the ionic, blood and urine examinations.
Administration mode :
Peripheral venous route, slow infusion in a large vessel, under strict aseptic conditions.

Against indications

- This medicine is contraindicated in the following situations:
. decompensated heart failure,
. severe respiratory failure,
. major hepatic insufficiency,
. hyperkalemia,
. in combination with hyperkalemic diuretics (see section interactions: amiloride, spironolactone, triamterene).
- This solution should not be injected intramuscularly.
The use of this drug is not recommended in combination with: angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and, by extrapolation, with angiotensin II receptor antagonists, tacrolimus (see section interactions).

Side effects Bionolyte G10

Risk of edema due to hydrosodium overload.

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