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BIOCALYPTOL 1.31 mg / mL

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Pneumology
active ingredients: Pholcodine
laboratory: Zambon France

Bottle of 200 ml
All forms


Symptomatic treatment of uncompromising coughs.

Dosage BIOCALYPTOL 1.31 mg / mL Syrup bottle of 200 ml

Reserved for adults and children over 30 months.
Oral way.
1 measuring cup (15 ml) contains 19.65 mg of pholcodine. Each graduation of 2.5 ml corresponds to 3, 275 mg of pholcodine.
- Symptomatic treatment should be short (a few days) and limited to the times when coughing occurs.
- The maximum therapeutic dose of pholcodine is:
. in adults : 90 mg daily,
. in children aged 6 to 15 years : 1 mg / kg per day,
. in children from 30 months to 6 years : 0.5 mg / kg per day.
- In all cases, the catch should be spaced at least 4 hours apart.
- In the absence of other drug intake providing codeine or any other central antitussive the usual dose of BIOCALYPTOL, syrup is:
. In adults: 15 ml (1 measuring cup) per dose to be renewed if necessary, without exceeding 4 doses per day.
. In children from 35 to 50 kg (12 to 15 years): 5 ml (2 graduations of measuring cup) per intake, to renew if necessary, without exceeding 6 taken per day.
. In children from 20 to 35 kg (6 to 12 years): 2.5 ml (1 graduation of measuring cup) per dose, to be renewed if necessary, without exceeding 6 doses per day.
. In children from 15 to 20 kg (30 months to 6 years): 2.5 ml (1 graduation of measuring cup) per dose, repeat if necessary, 2 to 3 times a day. The maximum daily dose is 5 to 7.5 ml depending on weight.

Against indications

- This medicine is contraindicated in the following situations:
. hypersensitivity to one of the constituents of the syrup,
. respiratory failure,
. cough of the asthmatic,
. child under 30 months,
. breastfeeding: pholcodine passes into breast milk; with codeine, a few cases of hypotonia and respiratory pauses have been reported in infants after mothers have taken codeine doses at supratherapeutic doses. If breastfeeding, and by extrapolation with codeine, taking this drug is contraindicated.
- Due to the presence of sucrose, this medicinal product should not be used in cases of fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome or sucrase-isomaltase deficiency.
Taking alcoholic beverages and drugs containing alcohol (see interactions) during treatment is not recommended.

Biocalyptol side effects

- Related to pholcodine :
Possibility of :
. constipation,
. drowsiness (see precautions for use),
. dizzying states,
. nausea, vomiting,
. bronchospasm, allergic skin reactions.
- Linked to cineole (terpenic derivative) :
In case of non-compliance with the recommended doses:
. risk of seizures in children,
. possibility of agitation and confusion in the elderly.
- Due to the presence of orange-yellow S, risk of allergic reactions.

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