How to use sunscreen properly: the advice of the dermatologist

Interview with dermatologist Dr. Nadine Pomarède, DermoMedicalCenter Paris. She gives us valuable tips for the proper use of sunscreen.

Many vacationers have risky behaviors. What are the most common?

The risks associated with sun exposure are the same whether you are lying on your towel or playing sports. And nautical activities (windsurfing, boating, jet skiing) are activities where you have to protect yourself as much as if you were on the beach despite the slightest sensation of heat.

There are other "bad" habits ...

Paradoxically, another risky behavior is more and more common. It concerns high-level protection users who tend to increase their exposure time and not reapply their cream often enough.

And then, there are all the situations where one "forgets" to protect oneself: on the terrace of a café, during a tennis game, or simply because one does not have the feeling of warmth. This is what happens when the weather is overcast or there is wind.

We want to say "go out covered"?

Yes, any exposure damages the skin in a lasting way. He should always have at hand (in his purse, his gym bag, his car ...) a tube of sunscreen "just in case" to protect his skin. For those who want the color of the tan, better less sun and more self-tanner. It's still the best solution for showing a tan without risking premature wrinkles, brown spots, pregnancy mask, age spots that are hard to get rid of, and of course, skin cancer.

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