Protect your skin and eyes from the sun

Nowadays, most people know the dangers of the sun on the skin, they wear sunscreen and wear a hat, etc. But they are not really aware that it is also necessary to protect the eyes from the sun!

Exposure to sunlight is an important source of well-being for our body. Yet, it is well known, the sun can also represent a danger for our health. UV rays can indeed damage our skin, but they are also a danger to our eyes.

Thus, few people know that the eyes have, like the skin, a sun capital . If this capital is "consumed", the skin - and therefore the eyes - can no longer assume the evils of the sun: the sun causes damage.

And just like for the skin, the sun can cause " sunburn " on the eyes (a burning of the cornea by UV rays). In the long term, too much sun exposure can even cause permanent damage, such as cataracts, or even promote AMD.

It is therefore important to protect your eyes from the sun just as you protect your skin before sun exposure!

Moreover, it is important to understand that, without adequate protection, the exposure under a cloudy sky, is potentially as dangerous as in full sun: the heat which is due to the infrared, will be blocked by the clouds but not UV that will still reach the skin and eyes, doing damage.

So, how to protect the eyes and the skin of the sun effectively, without giving up the benefits of the sun? The answer is in the good knowledge of the rules of " protection ".

Stop the ideas about sun exposure: read the interviews of two experts, a dermatologist and a doctor of optometry, to learn the right strategy of protection against the risks of exposure to the sun. Your eyes and your skin will thank you!

Quiz: How to protect yourself from the sun?

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Authors: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy and Elide Achille
Consultant experts: Professor Thierry Passeron, dermatologist at CHU l'Archet de Nice and David Shannon, doctor of optometry, president of the Association of Optometrists in England.

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