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Making love: The keys to a fulfilling sexuality

Knowing how to make love, how to live one's sexuality in a way that is fulfilling for both men and women requires that you have certain keys:

> Each one his instructions! For example, the female pleasure is not reduced to the question "clitoral or vaginal? », Especially since the deep roots of the clitoris are found on each side of the vagina. Some women will need clitoral stimulation at first, others at the end, others not. Everyone must therefore grope, find its user manual that is (fortunately) not frozen.

> Do not forget to take pleasure! Some people get their orgasm only in one position. The important thing is not to refrain from developing other positions during sex. In other words, take your pleasure, explore the facets, and then, perhaps, think of orgasm.

> Preliminaries, it's a bit short, gentlemen! Women would very often want them to last longer, the time to raise the excitement and to be sufficiently lubricated. In fact, foreplay usually does not last more than three to five minutes. A word to you ...

> In case of concern, communicate on what is going well! The more discomfort there is, the less pleasure there is. In other words, making love is insisting on what works, what excites you and gives you pleasure, instead of focusing on the problem!

> If your difficulties seem impossible to solve alone or as a couple, call a health professional. Depending on the problem: an andrologist (for the man), a gynecologist, a sexologist doctor or not, or a marriage counselor.

> And if ever ... In case of frequent erectile breakdowns, consult a doctor who can prescribe vasoactive drugs that will reset the mechanics of trust, in humans. If the woman does not feel sufficiently lubricated despite insistent preliminaries, very effective moisturizing gels can overcome this inconvenience.

Kamasutre: 100 positions in pictures ...

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Author: Charles Brumauld.

Source and notes:
> Annual multidisciplinary congress (gynecology, andrology, urology, psychotherapy, sexology ...), coordinated by Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, Transversales, in June 2011.

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