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Make love: good advice to know!

To make love. Size challenge for some, taboo subject for others ... or just a real subject for many women and men.

Intimate and sexuality have taken a very important place in our daily lives, breaking taboos one by one. We should therefore live the era of a fulfilled and uninhibited sexuality. However, the cult of performance (also affecting women) and the race to orgasm bring out new weaknesses.

To make good love passes by certain prerequisites and of course by a know-how of physical ... but also psychological!

Fed up with the performance!

Ten years ago, the issue of the performance of making love was already there. Today, she has become a social norm (having a good job, a good salary, being athletic, slender, tanned all year), but also sexual (erection on command, long and frequent sex, wacky positions). .).

This cult of prowess can defy routine, but in practice, men are often tired of these tacit injunctions.

In addition, the large survey published in Les Hommes, le sexe et l'amour (Editions Les Arenes) by Philippe Brenot, tells us that one in two men thinks that sex and feelings are linked. Finally, for 60% of men in a relationship, having sex, that is to say, a successful sexual relationship, is synonymous with "experiencing a moment of shared intimacy". Exit the domineering, selfish male, specialist in coitus bis repetita!
Discover the 15 benefits of sex on our health:

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