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Make love: Orgasm

Enjoyment at any price, the law of "all or nothing" creates very strong expectations, almost mechanical within the couple. With this race to orgasm, the effects are deleterious if the sexual paroxysm is not reached.

Indeed, the man thinks: "you're not a real woman", or I can not make love to you, to make you enjoy, so "I'm not a real man". Sexuality is not just about two bodies that fit together. It can also be seen as a path to the other, but also to oneself. It mixes the desire, the desire, the discovery, the sensations, the emotions, the body and more precisely the body, the spirit, the feelings ...

If one always considers sexuality as an end and not as a means, one prohibits a whole palette of games, of progressiveness, where one respects the rhythm of each one.

Orgasm must and deserves to be complete, that is to say, built with desire, and lead to a physical and psychic pleasure. Orgasm may not be achieved each time, especially on the female side. It is not (necessarily) serious! It can be reached next time, maybe differently.

Orgasm: a quiz for fun!

What do you really know about orgasm, this ultimate pleasure of desire? Take a quick quiz to learn all you need to know to fly to the 7th heaven! Do the quiz ...

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