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Sleep well: insomniac solutions

In insomniacs, the fateful moment is the moment before bedtime. As we get ready to go to bed, there is a wave of negative thoughts.

Faced with the inextricable desire to sleep, then opposes an irrepressible obsession: that of not succeeding. From certainties to false beliefs, the vicious circle of insomnia is at its height. Here are solutions to fall asleep easily, and to thwart these unfounded ruminations.

"I will not be able to sleep"

To this thought can be added: "I will not sleep without sleeping pills". Which is entirely false. Worse, it's useless. It's not because we did not sleep the day before that we will not sleep the next day. On the contrary. The less we slept the night before, the higher the sleep pressure the next day. It is better to trust the natural regulation of sleep than our erroneous ruminations.

"I will never sleep again"

Ouch, ouch, ouch ... Here is another vain attempt to prophesy the future of his sleep. It is said and will be said again, insomnia obeys no statistical law! Aristotle already said it in his time: every being who is awake is doomed to sleep. Whether he likes it or not, in a tireless rehearsal of the sleep-wake cycle. And that is scientifically proven.

When you fall asleep, or even in the middle of the night when you wake up, some thoughts come to mind. And we sometimes obsess, even disturbing our sleep. Insomniacs are well aware of his negative "thoughts" against which it is important to have answers, advice ...

" I need to sleep "

We hear green and not ripe lack of sleep. Of course, sleep is necessary ... and lack of chronic sleep has its consequences. But transient insomnia has never killed anyone. And if there is chronicization, it is the fault of these guiding thoughts, guilty of maintaining the vicious cycle of insomnia. It's time to trust self-regulating sleep, regardless of our thoughts.

"I'm going to have a bad day"

Or "I'm going to miss my exam". We tend to think that lack of sleep rhymes with lack of energy. False. It's a lot more complicated than we think. It all depends on the diurnal stimulation we are facing. An examination, an interview, a date of love, or any other activity that requires a significant concentration, are events that awaken our energy resources. And this, sometimes very surprisingly. So yes, it is possible to live your day fully, even after a sleepless night!

True / False about sleep disorders

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