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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Anesthesia, resuscitation, analgesics
Active ingredients: [Sodium bicarbonate (E550i), 651]
laboratory: Renaudin

Injectable solution
Box of 100 ampoules bottles of 10 ml
All forms


· Correction of metabolic acidosis

Dosage BICARBONATE SODIUM RENAUDIN 4.2% Solution for injection Box of 100 ampoules bottles of 10 ml

· Route IV, to be slowly injected after dilution

· The dosage is variable and must be adapted in quantity according to the etiology, the state of the patient, the importance of the disturbances of the acid-base balance.

Against indications

Metabolic alkalosis

· Respiratory acidosis.

Side effects Bicarbonate Sodium Renaudin

Metabolic alkalosis and hypokalemia in case of excessive intake.

· Risk of sodium overload in case of insufficient renal or extra-renal sodium elimination.

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