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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Anesthesia, resuscitation, analgesics
Active ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (E500)
laboratory: Cooper

IV injectable solution
Box of 10 ampoules of 20 ml
All forms


- Metabolic acidosis.
- Hyperkalemia threatening.
- Cardiocirculatory arrest.

Dosage BICARBONATE SODIUM COOPER 4.2% IV solution for injection Box of 10 20 ml ampoules

Lane IV, slow infusion.
The dosage is variable and must be adapted in quantity according to the etiology, the state of the patient, the importance of the disturbances of the acidobasic equilibrium.

Against indications

This product should not be used in case of:
- Metabolic alkalosis.
- Respiratory acidosis.

Side Effects Bicarbonate Sodium Cooper

- Metabolic alkalosis and hypokalemia in case of excessive intake.
- Risk of sodium overload in case of insufficient renal or extra-renal sodium elimination.

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