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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Ophthalmology
active ingredients: Befunolol
laboratory: Europhta

Bottle of 3 ml
All forms


- Intraocular hypertonia.
- Chronic open angle glaucoma.

Dosage BENTOS 0.5% Eye drops 3 ml bottle

It is recommended to start the treatment by instillation of eye drops of lower concentration.
In case of insufficient efficacy, the eye drops of higher concentration will be used.
In all cases, the daily dosage will be determined according to the improvement observed:
- the recommended dosage is 1 drop in the sick eye twice a day (morning and evening);
- the daily dosage should not exceed two drops;
- the ophthalmologist may, if he considers it necessary, associate with treatment with Bentos eye drops:
. either sympathomimetic or parasympathomimetic antiglaucoma eye drops,
. is a systemic treatment with a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, to obtain a maximum result;
- the patient will strictly adhere to the medical prescription that will be accompanied by the monitoring of intraocular pressure, especially during the period of adjustment of the dosage.

Against indications

- Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the eye drops.
- Asthma.
- Uncontrolled congestive heart failure.
- High degree atrioventricular block (not paired).
- Phenomena of Raynaud.
- Significant Bradycardia (<45 to 50 beats / min).
- Use in children: absence of pediatric clinical studies.
- Breast-feeding: passage in the milk.
- Associations advised against : amiodarone; calcium channel blockers (except nifedipine) and class Ia antiarrhythmics.

Bentos side effects

- Related to the systemic effects of beta-blockers (see contraindications, warnings and precautions for use):
. risk of decompensation or aggravation of certain cardiovascular and pulmonary syndromes: bradycardia, arrhythmia, hypotension, syncope, dyspnoea and bronchospasm (especially in patients with pre-existing bronchial disease);
. possibility of headache, nausea, asthenia, depressive state.
- As with all beta-blocker eye drops, a decrease in tear secretion and corneal hypesthesia may be observed.
Possibility of burning sensations and tingling instillation.
Occasionally: conjunctival congestions and blepharitis and some cases of visual disturbances including refractive changes.

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