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Compression stockings - compression socks: Other solutions in addition

In addition to wearing socks or compression socks, some people should also put in place other solutions in case of venous problems. Regular physical activity (avoiding hard running) is recommended, sleeping slightly elevated legs, avoiding prolonged standing, staying close to heat sources and being on a regular basis. followed by a doctor who can prescribe phlebotonics.

To put them on easily

It is primarily a habit to take. Namely, start by putting socks or socks in the morning before eventually occur edema at the ankles. Be careful of rings and long nails that can cause snags. We put the foot to the heel, then unrolled gradually down the ankles, and calves ... to obtain a progressive compression all along the leg and get an optimal effect. There are many aids for donning: creams to make legs softer, specific instruments, or rubber gloves.

Who to consult?

First, his doctor. Some practitioners have a degree in "medical compression". The best-qualified specialists are phlebologists and angiologists.


Stockings, tights and socks are reimbursed at 65% by health insurance, provided that they are prescribed by a doctor, a physiotherapist or a nurse (under certain conditions). This reimbursement is made on a base price which varies, for example, from 22 to 42 euros according to the product of class 2. The mutual or complementary insurance can take care of the difference. To find out, it's best to contact her. Of course, anyone can buy socks or socks without prescription, but in this case without being reimbursed.

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