Bar smile: there is really a danger? : Interview with Deputy Director of "Point Sourire"

Interview of Vincent T., Deputy Director "Point Sourire", teaches "bars to smile " present in several cities in France.

Why did you go to "smile bars"? Is this a promising sector?

Vincent T .: We started in the "bars to smile" because we notice that the demand for aesthetics has increased in recent years, including teeth whitening. We wanted to make this practice accessible to a clientele who could not afford treatment at the dentist because too expensive for some, or too restrictive for others.

We hear a lot of criticism about "smile bars". Why ? What's bothering?

VT : What's bothering is the competition! Dental practices care a lot about us, our products, and so on. They highlight health and risks, but their products are much more dangerous than ours. Moreover, following the adoption of the new European directive, Afssaps * has confirmed that dentists will no longer be able to use products as concentrated as they have been using for 120 years, because they are considered too dangerous.
What disturbs them most is us, not our products! Their prices are higher! And that we can not do anything. The aesthetic market represents 15 million euros, in France. For 25 years, products (stronger than those we use) are sold in pharmacies and have the same objective as ours. But for these products, dentists have never said anything! So, it's that the problem is elsewhere.

The war is declared between the dental professionals and you ...

VT : We have always wanted to meet the National Order of Dental Surgeons (ONCD), Afssaps or the Ministry of Health to show them what our business was and to establish together a code of ethics around this emerging sector that needs to be framed. We never got an answer. Worse still, the ONCD did not stop trying to discriminate the "Bars to smile" while forgetting that the "right to undertake" is a European right and that their denigrating statements strongly relayed by a dominant position on this market, is totally illegal. We therefore wish to restore the truth by condemning their misleading and defamatory campaign.

What does "Point Smile" offer?

VT : "Point smile" is positioned as a specialist in aesthetic tooth whitening. Our goal is to make our services accessible to everyone and for all their needs. Thus we propose a flash formula of short duration (10 to 15 days) for 29 euros, and a formula for a longer duration (3 months) to 139 euros, there are intermediate formulas. We have been open for a year and plan to diversify our range of services soon (makeup, manicure, etc ...).

* French Agency for Health Safety of Health Products.

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