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Decreased libido: the causes

When we observe a drop in libido, we obviously wonder about the causes.

It must be known that several factors can influence sexual desire.

Taking certain medications can affect sexual appetite and temporarily "lull" libido.

Similarly, after a shock or a difficult test (a death in the family, a dismissal, health problems ...), it happens that we simply do not mind "that".

When all is well on the personal side, and that everything rolls side work, perhaps it is necessary to see in this fall of desire the sign that something, all the same, does not turn round.

A significant decrease in libido - or even its total absence - may indeed be the manifestation of a sexual disorder, or even in some cases, a deeper trauma. If, for example, we have experienced pain during previous reports, we may have unconsciously developed a certain apprehension that would then explain this reluctance to act.

Should we worry?

In some cases, this lack of interest in sexuality can be traced back to a past experience that is traumatic or badly experienced, an unfulfilled, unwanted relationship, inappropriate gestures, perhaps even violence ...

It can be interesting here, and beneficial, to consult a professional. This allows you to talk freely, ask questions, take stock, to reassure yourself already, but also to deal with the problem if necessary.

It is also important not to exclude one's partner. One can consult alone or in pairs, but maintaining the dialogue within the couple is essential, especially in difficult times. It is essential to explain what is wrong, to talk to two, to avoid the other feels rejected, sidelined.

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