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Drop in libido: must we force ourselves?

The appetite comes when we eat, we say ... Should we force ourselves to make love when we do not want to? This is a point of view that is discussed because everyone must be able to remain free of his choices and desires.

Sex is part of the couple and if we had to wait for each of the partners to be in the mood for action, it's a safe bet that we would not often make love. But having sex with her other half is also a moment of intimacy, exchange and sharing, and if the heart is not there, it is better to abstain rather than "to suffer", or to force oneself to do things that we do not want.

On the other hand, sometimes we do not want to go to a dinner, or go out, and we spend, in the end, a very good evening. And on reflection, the effort was worth it: it would have been a shame to miss a good time ...

So there is no clear answer. But whatever the reason that pushes you, in spite of your libido at half-mast, to answer the advances of the other (the desire to satisfy his partner, to calm him to be quiet until the next time ...), the essential thing at this moment is to be sincere in your feelings and your attitude . As often in love, the key here is to find a balance that respects the desires and desires of each, without creating tensions.

Find the right rhythm

When we go through a "no" period, we tend to close our ears to the expectations of the other, because they do not correspond to our desires of the moment. It's a natural reaction, but be careful not to become completely "deaf" to your desires.

Finding the right pace, that is, a rhythm that satisfies both partners, without creating stress or tension, but where desire and desire are once again at the center of the relationship, is also a challenge. of life to two . Not to mention that sex is not the only cement of the couple: intimacy, complicity, sharing, we can find them elsewhere than in a bed.

Maintain an atmosphere of seduction, guarding privileged moments of intimacy, allows to continue to build his couple each day, gently. It is not because physical love is momentarily relegated to the background, that the flame should not be maintained. You do not mind cuddling these days, all right, but that does not mean that you are less in love or that desire has disappeared.

In love - as in other areas - it is, ultimately, perhaps not the quantity that counts, but the quality ... Reports less frequent but desired by one as much as the other, are equally fulfilling.

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