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Stuttering: treatments

Stuttering would affect about one in every 100 people. For little children up to age three, stuttering should not worry parents. If this phonation problem continues beyond this age, it is advisable to see a doctor who can then refer the child to a speech therapist to start a treatment.

A stuttering must indeed be supported as quickly as possible by professional speech disorders to quickly set up the most appropriate treatment and solve the problem of phonation.

Early intervention is very effective on a stuttering that begins because in one case in four, it will not work out alone.

Speech and communication disorders are dealt with by speech therapists, or sometimes for complex cases (related to a specific pathology) phonic doctors who help the child to acquire better verbal communication. The specialist will begin by teaching the person who stutter the locution techniques that will help the pronunciation of the words.

In some cases, the work done by the speech therapist must be accompanied by psychological care. Psychotherapy can indeed be useful in helping the child or the adult to gain confidence, to relax, and to better "manage" his stuttering.

Relaxation exercises, mindfulness meditation adapted to children, sophrology, EMDR in case of psychotrauma (etc.) can be useful. The person can learn "tricks" to avoid stuttering that is sometimes circumstantial ...

On video: breathing exercises to relax

In this video, discover with our coach some breathing exercises. These exercises, all simple, will allow you to relax and enjoy your lung function.

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