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Stuttering: the causes

The causes of stuttering are often not well known. It is usually a set of parameters that triggers this problem, of psychological, neurological and environmental origin.
Factors favoring the occurrence of stuttering could be:

  • physical (malformations of the phonatory organs, the ear, or the brain),
  • psychological (an anxious, perfectionist temperament),
  • environmental factors, such as significant parental pressure on the child's oral expression, or
  • a conflictual family atmosphere .

Stuttering triggers can also be identified:

  • events that have been experienced by the child (such as the birth of another child, a change of school, a move, the separation of parents, etc.),
  • a traumatic event such as a serious accident or the death of a loved one, etc.
Stuttering is accentuated when the person concerned experiences a strong emotion or a state of stress. It can be accompanied by tics, tensions in the face and jaw, movements that serve to facilitate the pronunciation of words.

Chronicization factors may also make stuttering a matter of reproach, inappropriate counseling or, on the contrary, indifference.

These behaviors tend to make the child make great efforts to speak, which paradoxically maintains his stuttering.

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