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Baby crying: what to do? : The spasm of sob

As the months go by, new crying

The internal causes of crying, the majority in the first months, will diminish during the first year. From 6 months, most crying will be due to external causes, often relational.

Growing up the child is indeed the prey to new feelings, and with new "types" of tears. Crying boredom or loneliness, in full wakefulness, the baby becomes aware of the possibilities available to him. Staying in bed will bother him quickly. He can be given toys to help him wait. If you are busy, you can put it next to you in a highchair: watching will be a real show for him.

Faced with all the discoveries that await it, will also come the tears of frustration or rage. Still too small to do some things, not to mention what is forbidden to do ... the child will quickly understand his dissatisfaction with tears.

Tears of fear will also appear as you grow up. The more he understands what surrounds him, the more likely the child will feel a sense of fear. Fear of the doctor, afraid of the darkness ... you have to be there to reassure him.

The spasm of sob

The spasm of the sob is a particular form of tears: tears that rise in intensity, angry ... and the child suddenly has his breathing that hangs, the lips can turn purple, or the child can be very pale and he falls, loses consciousness.

Spasm of the sob is a fairly common problem in children. It can usually manifest after the age of five-six months, until the age of six. Generally, these crises disappear when the child is able to express his emotions by speech.

When they occur, the sob spasms are very impressive for the parents - and this is precisely the purpose of these crises. But they are not serious. It will be enough to extend the child who quickly regains consciousness and his breathing. If the child is standing, it may be advisable to hold his hand in case he falls. The important thing is to stay calm and, if possible, to act as if nothing has happened, staying firm.

Still, it must be certain that this is a spasm of the sob. Also, can we advise to seek the opinion of a doctor.

Psychological problems

Repeated tears, a loss of interest for those around him, sleep disturbances, weight loss ... can be signs of depression in infants. This problem is rare in the baby, but exists. It can follow the child's difficult relationship with his parents, in the case of depression in the mother, for example. Of course, these symptoms require the advice of a doctor.

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