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Baby fell from the changing table, what to do?

You went back 3 short seconds to catch his clothes and, boom!, Your baby falls from his changing table ...

In front of the fear that overwhelms you, you imagine the worst scenario. Still, the baby falls from the changing tables happily end happily.
If only 150 to 200 cases a year are listed, this accident does not happen only to others.

According to a 2009 report from the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance, 41% of children's falls at home involve furniture (bed, chair, couch, table and changing table) and 80% end with a head injury. . The majority, by a nice bump! The cases requiring hospitalization concern less than one in ten children and are most often observed after an adult's fall and bunk beds, much more than changing tables.

The relatively low height of the tables - about 90 cm - is not yet considered a critical height. When baby falls from the changing table, even on hard ground, and despite the fear and guilt that comes with any parent, you must try to stay calm. Remember that your child also feels panic. In the immediate future, transport him elsewhere holding his head firmly and observe some rules. "There are ages and signs that make the use of emergencies essential. Apart from these cases, wound dressing and parental supervision are enough, "explains Dr. Julien Durigneux, neuropediatrician.

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