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Constipated baby: treatments

In most cases, infant constipation is related to its diet. Before intervening with a treatment, it is through food that we can remedy it.

In a child whose diet is already diversified. It will be necessary to check:

  • that there are not too many flours in baby bottles.
  • that the baby is sufficiently hydrated. Do not forget the bottles of water.
  • that his diet is sufficiently divided. Too big meals can complicate the intestinal transit. Better a few light meals, easier to evacuate.
  • that milks suit him well. Some milks favor transit. If the baby is constipated, as much offer him these milks. This is to do with your pediatrician or pharmacist. That said, we must not expect miracles. It's just extra help.

Other tips :

  • Some mineral waters are more laxative than others. We know that Hepar® promotes transit. It can be used for the preparation of bottles, knowing however that this water contains a lot of magnesium and it must therefore be used with weighting: no more than 200 ml per day, ie half of a bottle, two times a day.
  • Avoid rice and carrots.
  • Give green vegetables containing fiber (green beans, spinach ...).
  • Give bread and prunes.

Should we give drugs?

In fact, it is rarely useful to resort to treatments. And in any case, when it is used, it must be on medical advice.

  • Oral medication will be recommended for moisturizing stools, such as those with macrogol. Treatment is prescribed in the case of real constipation and only on medical advice.
  • Orally we can use lubricants (such as Lansoÿl®, paraffin-based) that can help the passage and evacuation of stool ...
  • Other laxatives are not recommended. They are irritating and dangerous.
  • Enemas should also be performed in exceptional cases and preferably by caregivers.

Good to know: the abdominal massage to relieve bloating in adults ... and baby!

Olivier Elbaz, Unizen practitioner, shows us how and why to practice the technique of the abdominal massage, in classic massage or in self-massage.

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