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Constipated baby: the testimony of a mother

Jocelyne, an uneasy mother of 28, recounts her experience.

You had to drive your baby to ER after constipation. Tell us...

My son was seven months old when it happened. It had been a few weeks since I started to diversify his diet. I put flour in the bottles, I started the porridge, the mashed potatoes. I breastfed her for three months. The change to baby bottles was not a problem. And then, for five days, nothing! No more saddles. He was not bad, but I could see he had a stomach ache, but I found him bloated. And then, you know when you start to worry, you see everything wrong. I thought he looked bad, he cried a lot. In short, I ended up having a panic fear of the occlusion.

You talked about it around you?

I talked about it with my mother. Me, it was my first baby, she had three. She advised me to put suppositories on her, as she did for me when I was little. So, I gave him one.

It worked a little. He was trying to push and it gave a tiny saddle. So I started again several times. My husband did not want to, but I was so worried that I was doing it in secret to relieve my baby. But that did not improve ... He had in addition a small anal fissure.

So ? You took him to the ER?

In fact, at the hospital, I was quickly reassured. I was told it was not serious and I was given advice. First, his constipation was related to his change of diet. So, I gave him more green vegetables and mineral water. To treat the small anal fissure, I was given vitamin A-based ointment. Fortunately, this happened quickly. At first, the nurse put some lubricant to help her evacuate her stool. And then everything is back to normal.

I understood, also that it came a little from me. I was constipated when I was little, and that worried my mother a lot. I think I repeated that a little bit about my baby. I try to pay less attention to that, and I realize that today everything is better.

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