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Baby is 1 month old: His sleep

At 1 month, baby has a more or less regular sleep, and nights are very often the first topic of conversation addressed and exchanged between young parents. At this age, the infant sleeps a lot, about 17 hours a day.

The question is: does it nights? Generally, not yet. He is most often awakened by hunger that he can express through tears. He can wake up late at night ... and early in the morning. But every child is different. And the first weeks, it will be necessary to leave time to the child so that it puts in place its rhythms of sleep and watch which do not necessarily correspond to those of the parents!

You will of course sleep on your back.

A health problem

In the first weeks, parents are happy when their child has unusual, unknown symptoms ... In any case, it is better to take the advice of a doctor, even if it does not detect anything in the end, and will reassure you.

Any colic (abdominal pain) that your child suffers from can be impressive. The advice of a doctor can be helpful.

One thing is certain, if a 1-month-old baby does not gain weight, if he has a fever ... a doctor's opinion is needed quickly.

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