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AVAFORTAN to noramidopyrin

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Analgesics
active ingredients: Camylofine, Metamizole Sodium
laboratory: Therabel Lucien

Injectable solution
Box of 50 ampoules of 5 ml
All forms


Treatment of acute, severe or severe pain symptoms with spasmodic component.
The use of noramidopyrine is justified only when its activity gives it a real advantage over other analgesics.

Dosage AVAFORTAN with noramidopyrine Solution for injection Box of 50 ampoules of 5 ml

Reserved for adults.
1 ampoule IV or IM, to be renewed possibly 1 to 4 times in the day, according to the intensity of the pains.
The IV injection will be slow and will last at least 3 minutes, the patient being lying down and if possible fasting.
IM, the injection must be deep.
Avafortan can be used alone as an infusion in an isotonic solution.

Against indications

Child (medicine reserved for adults).
Linked to noramidopyrine :
- This drug is formally prohibited at any dose in any subject who has previously presented agranulocytosis whether or not it was due to noramidopyrine.
- Allergy or intolerance to pyrazoles (in particular, amidopyrine, or noramidopyrine) or aspirin is a contraindication.
- Pregnancy: In the absence of human clinical studies, the risk is not known. As a precaution, the use of this medicine in pregnant women should be avoided.
- Breast-feeding: in the absence of study, to avoid during breastfeeding.

Adverse effects Avafortan With Noramidopyrine

Due to the presence of noramidopyrine :
- Agranulocytosis (see contraindications, warnings and precautions for use).
- Exceptionally, anemia or thrombocytopenia have been observed.
- As for all pyrazoles, allergic skin reactions can be observed: the onset of asthma attack was observed in the polysensitized subject, especially allergic to aspirin.
- Parenteral administration can exceptionally cause a general reaction type of shock.
- Some cases of fatal intramuscular noramidopyrin shocks have been reported.
Note: Forms of elimination of the product may cause brown discoloration of the urine; there is no need to worry about it.

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