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Self-medication: the 5 important tips for self-medication

Different (more or less relevant) advice can be provided about self-medication.
Here are the top 5 tips to know absolutely in case of self-medication:

1> Always buy drugs in pharmacies (in pharmacies or online at an authorized site).

Buying drugs online at legal sites is safe, buying online is one way of dispensing like any other. There are hundreds of licensed pharmacy sites. To verify that a site is legal, simply go to and consult the list of sites authorized for the online sale of medicines. To find out more: read our article on medicines sold on the internet

2> Do not take the prescribed treatment for another person, even if the symptoms seem similar.

Taking a medication prescribed by a doctor, is a tailor-made procedure. Even if the symptoms are the same, the cause may be different, and the reaction to some drugs too.

3> Specify the possibility of taking other treatments to your pharmacist.

In order to avoid dangerous medicated cocktails, it is important to inform your pharmacist of taking other treatments. It will be very good advice to avoid doing something stupid, and avoid the worst ...

4> Sort your medicine cabinet by separating the self-medication and prescription drugs.

With the help of a pharmacist if needed, it is safer to undertake a sorting between self-medication drugs and those that required a prescription. This will allow quick and safe access to drugs and to the exclusion of prescription drugs ...

5> Read the leaflet carefully for the correct dosage and contraindications.

All medicines, even self-medication, contain tales-indications and dosage to be respected. For example, some medications are not suitable for children, pregnant women, or people with other treatments. It is therefore necessary to take the time to read the manual.

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