Autism: the symptoms

The symptoms of autism are revealed early, sometimes in the first months of life, and most often before 3 years.

One of the most common symptoms is the difficulty of interacting with the environment. The child is as in his bubble and seems indifferent to the outside world. The people around him have trouble getting in touch with him. It does not look in the eyes, does not answer calls, does not speak or is not understandable ... In addition to these difficulties of verbal and non-verbal communication, the autistic child tends to adopt behaviors in loop. He tirelessly repeats the same words or the same gestures: turn his head, move his hands, swing ...

These symptoms allow the autisite child to bypass a deep anxiety, which would be based on the difficulty to represent his body in space, and thus to feel a limit between him and others.

Anxiety symptoms are very common in children with autism. They can be triggered by a change of environment, new habits, or meeting new people. And conversely, can be relieved by a stable and secure environment. This is one of the reasons why the autistic child enjoys very repetitive activities, like doing the same puzzle several times in a row. In the same way the activities of tidying up or putting back in order, can be, like TOC, reassuring.

The intensity of these symptoms, and the resulting disability, vary from one child to another.

Autism meets the definition of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This diagnostic terminology refers to several types of autism that differ in their symptoms. The best known are Asperger syndrome (or high-level autism), and infantile autism that is discussed here (the most typical form). While the former have sub-normal intelligence, the latter suffer from significant mental retardation.

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