Autism: Activities Popular with Autistic Children

Some activities are particularly appreciated and beneficial for children with autism. Their interest is to awaken their senses without distressing them. The gentle solicitation of the senses, such as touch, smell, taste, is a way to communicate with the outside world.

Here are some examples of activities that meet these criteria:

  • The horse riding
    Riding is beneficial, not so that they become riders, but to teach them to communicate with the animal (by touch, and sensations). This is called equitherapy. On the back of a pony, they choose the position they want: on the belly, the nose in the mane, flat back to be rocked ... This requires the presence of a riding instructor with the skills to "work" these difficult children AND the active presence of 2 educators.
  • The swimming pool
    The pool is usually very popular. The water allows them to become aware of their body gently. In this environment, children with autism are comfortable and can learn to swim.
  • Drawing or painting
    Drawing and coloring can be soothing for these children.
  • Other : Music, pastry, etc.

These activities can be part of a therapeutic framework (equitherapy, art therapy, balneotherapy ...) but are also beneficial in a family or traditional educational setting.

Each child has particular affinities and it is good to propose to him what he likes most. This is the concept of Affinity therapy, which is developing in France, which aims to use the assets and attractions of the autistic child as a therapeutic mediation.

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