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ATROVENT Adult 0.5 mg / 2 ml

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Pneumology
active ingredients: Ipratropium bromide
laboratory: Boehringer Ingelheim

Solution for inhalation by nebulizer
Box of 10 single-dose containers of 2 ml
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Treatment of severe acute asthma and acute relapses of adult obstructive pulmonary disease in combination with a fast acting mimetic beta2.
Note: Acute severe asthma requires hospitalization in a specialized setting.
Oxygen therapy and systemic corticosteroids should be combined with bronchodilator therapy.

Dosage ATROVENT Adult 0.5 mg / 2 ml Solution for inhalation by nebulizer Box of 10 2 ml single dose containers

In adults the usual dose is 0.5 mg per nebulization or 1 unit dose of 2 ml diluted in saline to obtain a volume of 5 ml.
Nebulizations can be repeated every 20 to 30 minutes depending on the clinical condition of the patient.
Administration mode :
This ipratropium solution should be administered by inhalation with a nebulizer (nebulizer).
Comply with the operating instructions of the device used.
Dilute the necessary amount of ipratropium in physiological saline to obtain a total volume of 5 ml.
The mixture obtained is pulsed by a flow of air or oxygen (6 to 8 liters / minute) for about 10 to 15 minutes during which the patient breathes at its usual rate.
The technique of use by the patient should be checked regularly.
After inhalation, the unused solution remaining in the vessel of the apparatus should be discarded.

Against indications

Breast-feeding: The prescription of Atrovent during breastfeeding is discouraged in the absence of data on the passage in the milk of ipratropium.

Adverse effects Atrovent Adult

Possibility of occurrence of:
- dryness of the mouth,
- pharyngeal irritation.

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