Tips for successful makeup

In terms of make-up , the modes change, the products evolve, but the basic gestures remain the same.

What makeup to adopt and most importantly, how to apply it to display a beautiful complexion, a deep and seductive look and ultra feminine lips?

Here's all you need to know about the products and gestures you need to wear a successful makeup!

The complexion

The makeup base

It applies after the day cream and before the foundation; its texture must be very light and fluid to blend perfectly on the face.
If your complexion is dull, opt for a mauve corrective base that will brighten your face.
To reduce redness, choose a green base to apply on redness only.
A neutral, transparent base will allow a better hold of makeup.

The foundation

It is the essential product to unify the complexion.
Choose the color closest to your complexion to avoid the "mask" effect.
For the choice of texture, the desired effect (fluid foundation for a transparent result, powder foundation for a powdery appearance) but also the nature of your skin must be taken into account. Mature skins will avoid powdery foundations that tend to accentuate wrinkles, dry skin will opt for a creamy texture enriched with active moisturizers, and oily skin for more covering textures, compact type powder or fluid oil free.

The right gesture: using a sponge (for a more uniform result), start the application by the middle part and then stretch outwards. Then make up the lower part of the face, always stretching outward.
To correct small imperfections, tap the problem areas lightly. Do not forget the eyelids. Finally, blend the foundation to the neck to avoid the face-neck demarcation line.

The concealer

This concealer applies to all areas that need to be thinned, faded: dark circles, but also small pimples, redness, pigmentation spots. It can be used alone, or after the foundation.
The concealer is to be metered sparingly; it is applied by small touches, brush or finger. On the mobile eyelid, it will give a brighter makeup.

The powder

Used alone on even-grained skins, loose powder helps to even out skin tone. Applied after the foundation, it fixes and illuminates it. Choose it light and fine, to apply to the big brush or the puff; the ideal is a transparent neutral powder that adapts to all complexions. The compact powder is reserved for retouching.


Final touch of make-up, it brings the effect "good looks".
Make sure that your blush is in harmony with your lipstick: pink blush for pink lips, apricot blush or copper for lips in warm tones.

The right gesture: with a large flat brush, apply the blush on the cheekbones, smiling slightly, then stretch the color upwards. Finish with a touch on the temples.

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