Astigmatism: treatments

The treatment of astigmatism is done by an optical correction, glasses or lenses, or even during a refractive surgery procedure.

All astigmatisms are not necessarily corrected (it depends on the inconvenience it causes). In children, it is essential to correct a bad vision, because it must develop normally. They can be paired at an early age.

Note that in adults, it is not uncommon that astigmatism is naturally compensated and an optical correction is not always necessary.

> The glasses.

For astigmatism, the glasses must compensate for the lack of curvature of the cornea (or lens). It is said that the inner face of these glasses has the shape of a rugby ball quarter, while the outer has the shape of a portion of a football.

It is also possible to wear contact lenses to correct astigmatism.

> Laser surgery.

Patients with a vision defect can sometimes have surgery.
This treatment with refractive surgery can intervene on the cornea, using a laser. Its principle is to correct to a certain extent the curvature defect of the cornea by thinning it at a particular place. This refractive surgery can also be done by replacing the lens with a suitable lens.

The advantage of this surgery is to give the patient the opportunity to abandon his glasses or at least to reduce the thickness of glasses.

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