Asthma: treatments

We can mainly distinguish the treatment of an asthma attack and the background treatment.

Treatment of the asthma attack

When the crisis is mild, the asthmatic patient uses bronchodilators in metered dose spray, a puff of medication usually goes through the crisis. It is possible to renew the treatment.

If the seizure does not resolve after several puffs, the doctor will be consulted and may offer a subcutaneous injection of bronchodilator.

When the crisis is severe, it is necessary to go to the hospital for specific emergency care. Be careful not to delay things, a severe asthma attack can be particularly serious!

The background treatment

It is extremely important. It makes it possible to space the attacks considerably and to reduce their severity; eventually, it avoids or limits the consequences of this chronic disease, and especially to have a better comfort of life, with normal breathing. This is the difficulty of observing this treatment.

Generally, the basic treatment is to take a corticosteroid spray or antileukotriene, associated with a beta2-mimetic. This treatment will be defined by the general practitioner or the pulmonologist.

You must follow this basic treatment, talk to your doctor if you have difficulty taking your medication, if you do not feel motivated.

Sometimes it is impossible to escape certain allergens, it is often possible to desensitize, a treatment that has made significant progress in recent years and is less restrictive.

It is obviously necessary to avoid triggering factors or "control" them. Above all, and it is not always easy, avoid allergens (dust, pollen, drugs ...). Do the housework to eliminate mites: avoid carpets, carpets, or shake vigorously every day outside, avoid dust nests (shelves, curtains ...).

Prefer the synthetic for bedding: no pillows or feather duvets.

Air bedding (mattress, pillow, sheets ...) every day.

Avoid animals that give allergies: avoid having these animals at home or at least deny them access to the room of the person with asthma, wash them often, wash clothes as often.

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It is imperative not to smoke and to flee smoky atmospheres.

In case of stress asthma, the patient will take a breath of bronchodilator before practicing the sporting activity to avoid the appearance of a crisis.

In the prescription of an asthmatic patient bronchodilators that decrease broncho-constriction may be associated with anti-allergic drugs (antihistamines), corticosteroids spray are also very often prescribed, they will reduce inflammation associated with broncho-constriction.

In the background treatment, cures in the mountains where the air is healthy, ventilated, are interesting. In addition, in this context, active therapeutic education is undertaken, contact with other asthmatics is useful.

Asthmatic patients must take control of their disease, understand the process of the disease, avoid allergens and other triggers, they must follow a treatment that avoids the serious consequences of chronic asthma, treat their crises, recognize their benignity or their severity, know when to consult a doctor. It is up to them to go regularly to the doctor to take stock of the evolution of the disease.

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