Asthma: the causes

Allergy is often the leading cause of asthma

Allergies are the main factors that promote the onset of asthma and its seizures. Allergens are numerous, such as pollens, mites, some animals (cats, dogs, horses) ... Allergenic agents are mites, cockroach droppings, molds.

Of course pollen can be allergenic: there are different depending on the year. But it is clear that in the spring, emergency departments are welcoming more people who are suffering from a severe asthma crisis related to pollen. Confined environments are also conducive to the onset of asthma attacks, as are unventilated, dusty, damp rooms.

Tobacco is an aggravating factor for asthma, both for the smoker himself and for the asthmatics who live with him, who are then subjected to second-hand smoke.

It appears that air pollution is also a contributing or aggravating factor, such as fine particle pollution.

Among the causes: It should be noted that some professionals develop asthma because they are in contact with allergenic agents. Thus, many bakers, for example, develop occupational asthma because of their contact with flour.

However, progress is still needed to identify the specific causes of asthma and its pathophysiology.

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