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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Pneumology
active ingredients: Salbutamol
laboratory: Rph Pharmaceuticals AB

Inhalation powder
Bottle of 200 doses
All forms


- Symptomatic treatment of the asthma attack.
- Symptomatic treatment of exacerbations during asthmatic disease or chronic obstructive bronchitis when there is a reversible component.
- Prevention of stress asthma.
- Reversibility test of bronchial obstruction during respiratory functional explorations.
Note : This specialty is particularly suitable for subjects who have been shown to have poor hand / lung synchronization, which is necessary for the correct use of conventional metered dose inhalers without an inhalation chamber.

Dosage ASMASAL CLICKHALER 90 μg / dose Powder for inhalation 200 doses bottle

- Treatment of the asthma attack and exacerbations : at the first symptoms, inhale 1 to 2 puffs. This dose is usually sufficient. If symptoms persist, it can be renewed a few minutes later.
- Prevention of exercise asthma : inhale 1 to 2 puffs, 15 to 30 minutes before exercise.
- The daily dose should not usually exceed 15 puffs per 24 hours.
Administration mode :
Inhalation by dispenser with mouthpiece (Clickhaler).
The Clickhaler dispenser allows inhalation of salbutamol powder.
The Clickhaler contains 200 doses, each containing 114 μg of salbutamol sulfate (corresponding to 95 μg of salbutamol base) and delivers 110 μg of salbutamol sulfate (corresponding to 90 μg of salbutamol base).
For proper use, it is desirable that the physician ensures, by itself, the proper use of the dispensing device by the patient. The drug is delivered into the bronchi when the patient inhales through the mouthpiece of the system.
The inspiration must be followed by an apnea.
Technique of use of the apparatus:
. remove the cap from the tip of the inhaler;
. shake the inhaler
. hold the inhaler upright with your thumb on the bottom and your finger on the push-button;
. press the doser button firmly one time;
. exhale as deeply as possible (never blow into the device);
. put the mouthpiece in the mouth; close the lips all the way around (do not bite the mouthpiece);
. inhale regularly and deeply through the mouth;
. remove the inhaler from the mouth by holding an apnea for 5 seconds;
. rest the cap on the tip.
Cleaning Instructions: Remove the cap and tip and wipe the body of the inhaler with a piece of tissue or tissue. Do not use water.

Asmasal Clickhaler side effects

- Can rarely be observed at therapeutic doses: extremity tremor, muscle cramps, palpitations and sinus tachycardia, headache.
- In patients sensitive to inhalation of a dry powder, it may occasionally appear throat irritation with coughing or hoarseness, this can be prevented by rinsing the mouth after inhalation.

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